Scania R low bar

Here you can see our latest short video clip from next gen Scania low bar installation. Pretty simple, but even this one needs some sorting 🙂

Scania door cards

As we are producing more and more leatherette Chersterfield style door cards we can offer you some discounted items as well… Check out these pretty good looking blue door cards right here in our e-shop..

Small front low bar for next gen

Month ago we have received request from one forwarding company (I guess you can tell from seeing the photos, right 🙂 for smaller front low bar for their low front bumber on next generation Scania, well what we can say? Of course we can do it exactly shaped for this specific low front next gen bumber.. After some test fiting and changing angles and brackets we finished this cute front low bar with absolutelly stunning back red light which lights the road under cabin… We should make video I guess 🙂

This bar is also available in our e-shop

Rear light tubes

For Scania (older R series as well as new R and S series) we offer these stylish tubes above rear truck (tractor) lights… see them in these photos right here

or you can directly order them here

New Scania door cards

As you maybe know we do manufacture our own door cards (door panles, door inserts) for next gen Scania (S,R). You can pick nearly any color of leatherette and buttons… see how they do look inside the truck doors…

You can also buy them directly from our e-shop